Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rigging of the Malaysian Election Results in favour of BN

What are the steps taken in the aftermath of the Rigging the Malaysian General Elections? Hope there would be some answers soon as not many of us believe that the current simple majority of the BN was done illegitimately and perhaps the Opposition did indeed win.

For those supporting the opposition and now the controversy of the appointment of the MB's, perhaps there are more that meets the eye which empowers the Sultan to take the necessary discretionary proactive actions in stopping these abuse.

Anwar wouldn't have to reclaim something that is already due for the Opposition to win.

Immunity from Prosecution Malaysian Version of Survivor

The day that any Malaysian could have any confidence in the Country's Regulations are when the Top Leaders involved in the many scandals are held accountable for their misdeeds and not given immunity while in or out of the Ministry.

So far no one from the Ministry has taken the full responsibility for the 2Billion Hong Kong loan scandal, the MRR2, Putrajaya & Parliament Building poor workmanship, the Murders of concubines & certain vocal leaders etc.

In the pre, post & past war days, the Nazis, Japanese and other war criminals were brought back to to serve their jail sentence and the Governments are still repaying for their crimes.

When justice is served accordingly, the confidence of the peasants would be restored!

Malaysians are a forgiving lot but do not forget easily.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lim Si Pin Contradicting himself!

Excerpts from the News Straits Times Online on 22 Mac 2008

These critical words came from Lim Si Pin, the Gerakan candidate whom Tian Chua defeated in the polls.

He vowed to win back the support and trust of the Batu constituents by continuing to serve them as Gerakan had done in the past.

On Wednesday he took over the running of the party's service centre in Sentul, and he says his doors will always be open.

Si Pin was a first-time candidate but he knows how to get things done.

Politics is in Si Pin's blood. He is the son of former Gerakan president, now party adviser, Datuk Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik.

He learnt about serving the people through the example of his father, who has been in politics since before the 38-year-old was born. Si Pin said he has been approached by PKR for his help.

"We received a call from PKR asking us for help on certain land matters. Now that they won the election, they should settle it."

My opinion!

His last statement is the most insincere way of opening doors and that is why he should not be representing his constituency with this kind of arrogance that all the BN proudly possesses these negative attitude to ensure they should continue to lose.

Why Sabahans voted BN

Sabahans had singlehandedly initiated the first opposing movement against BN but the top party leadership of PBS deceived the voters by joining or migrating into BN. I wouldn't be surprised that after all that courageous effort and to the dismay of most Sabahans would feel it is a waste of time to pursue interest other than their own good for their forsaken leaders. If they had known now the rest of the country are supporting the opposition, they too wouldn't have voted BN in.