Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lim Si Pin Contradicting himself!

Excerpts from the News Straits Times Online on 22 Mac 2008

These critical words came from Lim Si Pin, the Gerakan candidate whom Tian Chua defeated in the polls.

He vowed to win back the support and trust of the Batu constituents by continuing to serve them as Gerakan had done in the past.

On Wednesday he took over the running of the party's service centre in Sentul, and he says his doors will always be open.

Si Pin was a first-time candidate but he knows how to get things done.

Politics is in Si Pin's blood. He is the son of former Gerakan president, now party adviser, Datuk Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik.

He learnt about serving the people through the example of his father, who has been in politics since before the 38-year-old was born. Si Pin said he has been approached by PKR for his help.

"We received a call from PKR asking us for help on certain land matters. Now that they won the election, they should settle it."

My opinion!

His last statement is the most insincere way of opening doors and that is why he should not be representing his constituency with this kind of arrogance that all the BN proudly possesses these negative attitude to ensure they should continue to lose.

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Adi Iskandar Iliyas said...

i agree with your opinion.